Trusted Servants

District 3B/3C Trusted Servants

District 3B – Austin AA groups north of the river.
DCM -Mary T. Mary’s e-mail
Alternate DCM – Cassandra M.  Cassandra’s e-mail

District 3C -Austin AA groups south of the river.
DCM – Norma A. Norma’s e-mail
Alternate DCM – Randy R. Randy’s e-mail

Secretary – Natasha R. Natasha’s e-mail
Registrar –  Eric L. Eric’s e-mail
Webmaster – Dave B. Marshall’s e-mail
Treasurer – Steve B. Steve’s e-mail

List of Committee Chairs

Accessibilities – Rosi S. Rosi’s e-mail 

Accessibilities Committee Page

Archives – Anthony A. Anthony’s e-mail

Archives Committee Page

Corrections Facilities – Joseph K. Joseph’s e-mail

Corrections Facilities Committee Page

Grapevine – Ruth L. Ruth’s e-mail

Grapevine Committee Page

Literature – Brittny S. Brittny’s e-mail

Literature Committee Page

Newsletter – Denise R. Denise’s e-mail

Newsletter Committee Page

PI/CPC – Alan G. Alan’s e-mail

PI/CPC Committee Page

Treatment Facilities – Kara B. Kara’s e-mail

Treatment Facilities Committee Page

Intergroup – Larry D. Larry’s e-mail 

Intergroup Rep Page