SWTA68 PI/ CPC Service Opportunity!

The SWTA68 is putting on a Public information /Communication with Professionals conference ( PI/ PCP Conference) and our Districts – 3B/ 3C are hosting it! We would like to extend an invitation to any and all who would like to volunteer and participate in helping us to host this event. The first planning committee meeting will be at on Feb 9th, at Northland at 2:00 pm. Please join us as we prepare for this wonderful service event!

Service Workshop: The Importance of Service in Sobriety…
September 22, 2-4 PM at Any Lengths

Join District 3b3c as we host a workshop on the service structure from Group to GSO highlighting available positions and opportunities. Workshop will be hosted by Any Lengths Group September 22 from 2 to 4 pm located at 5700 Manchaca Rd, Austin, TX 78745 (Cherry Creek Plaza).

Link to Workshop Flyer: Service Workshop

Link to District 3b3c Elections Flyer: District 3b3c Election

Accessibilities Workshop: Carrying the Message to the Underserved Alcoholic.
September 29, 2-4 PM at Western Trails

Join District 3b3c Accessibilities Committee as we host a workshop to explore how AA Groups can make the message available to all in need. Special guests: Kim R., SWTA Area 68 Accessibilities Chair; Gay N., San Antonio; Ben F., New Freedom Group; Beau B., Primary Purpose Group. Workshop will be hosted by Western Trails September 29 from 2 to 4 pm located at 1800 Fortview Rd, Austin, TX 78704 (Western Trails).

Refreshments will be served.


Link to Workshop Flyer: Accessibilities Workshop

Preparation for Voting Stage of Redistricting Proposal

In preparation of the balloting and voting stage of the Redistricting Proposal … the committee has prepared this information that will be helpful to the groups.

Ballots will be mailed tomorrow, Friday, December 23. Group GSRs should receive them by Monday the 26th.

Download document on the Proposed Austin Districts and Proposed Group Listing by District [PDF]…

Download document on the Redistricting Sharing Sessions Comments [PDF]…

Concerns about 3B-3C Redistricting Proposal

Serving the groups while maintaining Unity

Why present a con?

“The term ‘informed group conscience’ implies that pertinent information has been studied and all views have been heard before the group votes.” The A.A. Group Pamphlet, P-16, pg 29

Concerns with the proposed solution

The Redistricting Committee was charged with researching redistricting solutions. Past inventories suggested the groups needed to be better served, that there were “too many groups for the DCMs to visit” so we need to redistrict.

However, redistricting is just one solution to the problem. Instead of creating a committee to research various solutions to the problem, the committee was charged with finding only redistricting solutions. According to the current proposal, splitting districts without anything to bind them does not create unity…

Continue reading 3B-3C Redistricting Con Document [PDF]…

3B-3C Redistricting Proposal

Districts 3B and 3C Redistricting Ad Hoc Committee hosting Sharing Sessions to discuss proposal to redistrict 3B/3C.

What is a Sharing Session?
“The purpose of a Sharing Session is to fill a need for improved communication among Area committee, Districts, and Groups, thereby strengthening services in A.A. through cooperation …”

Sharing Sessions completed.

Please see the group sharing resource links at the bottom of the page.

3B/3C Redistricting Ad Hoc Committee Objective

Our task is to determine how to redistrict groups in Austin geographically containing the right number of groups— right in terms of the committee member’s ability to keep in frequent touch with them, to learn their problems, and to find ways to contribute to their growth and well-being.

Map of Districts 3B and 3C Redistricting Ad Hoc Committee Proposal

How we got here

Our districts 3b & 3c mission statement posted on our website— “To carry the AA message to the alcoholic who still suffers. We do this by fostering the Austin area AA Groups by providing and informing the AA Community of service opportunities. We are the essential link between the group GSR and the area delegate to the GSC.”

We have 84+ groups registered in 3b and 3c. Currently we have an average of 25 GSR’s representing their groups at district meetings. The issues/problems:

  • Limited Service Committee work occurs at the district level due to the overwhelming task of communicating with the 84+ groups.
  • Tried to be two districts functioning as one and it no longer works for the size that we are.
  • Running out of time at district meetings for GSR’s to give reports and to collaborate on problems & solutions. Concerns regarding the number of groups and how difficult it is for DCM’s to visit often enough to involve in district activities.
  • Lack of communication and participation due to growth in the Austin Fellowship.

Proposed timeline

  • November, 2013—District Inventory revealed appearance of arising problems
  • September 2015—Sharing Session; shared experience & ideas to consider the possible need to redistrict
  • November 2015—District Inventory with overwhelming response for a needed change
  • January 2016—District appoints ADHOC committee to provide a proposal for redistricting
  • September 2016—Committee presents proposal for GSR’s to take to groups
  • October – November, 2016—Sharing sessions to be held at 5 group locations around Austin
  • December 2016—Ballots mailed to GSR’s or primary contact from all registered groups in 3B & 3C
  • February 2017— District meeting, count ballots for approval on proposed new districts

Resources material to share with group

Revised flyer for the Districts 3B and 3C Redistricting Ad Hoc Committee Proposal … Redistricting flyer [PDF]

Presentation from the Districts 3B and 3C Redistricting Ad Hoc Committee … Redistricting presentation [PDF]

General Service Office Service Material guidelines … How to Conduct a Sharing Session [PDF]

Concerns with the proposed solution (continue reading) …

“The term ‘informed group conscience’ implies that pertinent information has been studied and all views have been heard before the group votes.” The A.A. Group Pamphlet, P-16, pg 29

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