Corrections Facilities Committee

Corrections Facilities Committee Mission: The purpose of a correctional facilities committee is to coordinate the work of individual AA members and groups who are interested in carrying our message of recovery to alcoholics behind the walls, and to set up means of smoothing the way from the facility to the larger AA community through pre-release contacts.

Corrections Facilities Committee Guidelines

Committee Meets:

We meet quarterly in the 12 Step Room, on the 4th Sunday of each month at 1:30 pm at Western Trails, 1800 Fortview Rd, Austin, TX 78704.

Corrections Facilities Committee Meeting Flyer

Anyone who has worked the steps and is interested in carrying the message behind bars is invited to attend this meeting in order to get detailed information on how to get started. To ALL volunteers who take meetings behind bars, please come to our Quarterly meetings

Please RSVP to if you are interested, or are currently a volunteer, but can’t make the meeting.

Committee Chair Contact:

Conrad G. – Conrad’s e-mail

Service Opportunities:

There are many different opportunities to carry the AA message, either by taking in meetings and/or telling your story in county or State Correctional Facilities.

Currently we take meetings into men’s and women’s prisons in Gatesville, the fourth Saturday of each month.

Locally, AAs take meetings to the Burke Center on East MLK, which singularly does not require approval by application to state and county.

There are also opportunities to carry meetings into Travis County jail (downtown and in Del Valle), Travis State Jail (not to be confused with Travis County ) which is also located in Austin, as well as other state correctional facilities located in Lockhart, Kyle, Bastrop, Burnet.

In addition, there are meetings currently being taken into the federal prison near Bastrop.

Anyone interested in participating in this committee, please attend the quarterly meeting.

For anyone interested in carrying the message behind bars, contact Chairperson by phone or email, or talk to your group’s GSR or CFC chairperson.

Sobriety requirements: 1 year. If ex-offender, must be released from incarceration for 18 months, with a letter from your PO approving of your decision to volunteer, or just 6 months under the Partner’s Program, wherein you apply with a regular volunteer. If in doubt, contact CF chairperson, or just send in application.

Important Forms needed in order to enter Corrections Facilities

Please use enclosed links, to apply for either state (TDCJ), or County (TCSO) jail volunteer approval, and follow up with their coordinators as indicated, or with CFC Chair liked to on this page if you haven’t gotten a response.

All volunteers must also fill out the attached P.R.E.A form & provide a clear copy of their government ID (drivers license) when submitting this form.

TDCJ (state) volunteer coordinator: Debbie VanDyke (in Huntsville): (936) 437-4977.
TSCO (county) coordinator on application.

Help Wanted: Corrections Correspondence Service

An inmate may be waiting for your experience, strength and hope. You don’t have to have experience being incarcerated…as long as you have experience staying sober through the Twelve Steps.

*Click on the following link, for more information on requirements and good protocol for this type of service, to carry the message on your time by snail-mail, and to print out an application to send to GSO @ PO Box 459 in New York:
AA Corrections Correspondence pamphlet

We also have a local correspondence program here in the Austin area that is named “Bridge the Gap“, managed by Lisa B. It functions like a correspondence service, if you want to correspond by mail with a local inmate but don’t want to give out your home address.

Write to: (Lisa B. @): Bridge the Gap, PO Box 40003, Austin TX, 78704, to have your name added to the list to receive correspondence from anonymous inmates who want to write an AA’er about Recovery via the 12-steps. Or, write to her to be added to the Correspondence list, so that she can simply forward any letters addressed to You A. (don’t use last names), c/o Bridge the Gap, PO Box 40003 etc., so you can actively give any inmate this address, as a service to AA’ers on the Inside.